We develop and provide samples as per buyers design, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, specifications etc. to obtain buyers approval before heading to production through our professional staff of Merchandisers and Quality Controllers who always keep a close check on sampling and production



Our cutting department is equipped with various cutting machines. We also cut with hand cutting machines for sample or custom orders. Using a base pattern we use the Accumark marking and grading system to grade patterns and create markers.



Our sewing facility uses the latest machinery and production techniques.Our state of the art sewing machines include: single needle, double needle, overlock, button attached, flatlock, button wrapping & knotting, snap button machine and many other specialty machines. We adapt our manufacturing process and acquire necessary machinery to accommodate new products.



Garments which needs washing are charged into washing machine containing mild detergent and softner wash for few hours in order to remove dirt and stains acquired during the manufacturing process. After washing, the garments are hydro extracted to remove excess water and after this, these garments are dried in tumbler dryer.>



The quality of garments mainly depends on quality of fabric used. Therefore, care must be taken while purchasing fabrics to ensure good colourfastness properties, uniformity in shade etc. Generally garments are made as per customer’s specification in respect of size, design and fashion.



Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether all packing instructions of the buyer are respected. Final checking is equipped with needle detector machine.



All shipping documents are reviewed and verified as per buyer instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable forwarder to obtain correct information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels because time delivery is as important for us as it is to the buyer.