We Project

IR Apparel & Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

The WE Program’s purpose is to contribute to lasting improvement of working conditions in our supply chain. It is a dialogue based program that runs in factories all over the world. Key is that all parties in the business relationship are of value and are given the opportunity to speak up. 

In the course of the program workers and managers come together on a regular basis. Together they build mutual understanding, they hold courageous conversations on human rights in their factories and they co-create solutions to improve working conditions.

Her Project

HERproject™ drives impact for women and business via workplace-based interventions on health, financial inclusion and gender equality.

“IR Apparel & Accessories started HER Project from 24-08-2019 in coordination with BSR GROUP and Ascena Brand. Our key focus areas are women empowerment and awareness on financial topics and we are working towards with the HER financial project in our organization”.

SWAR project

The Sustainable Water Resource Management (SWAR) project has been actively operating for the sustainable development of textile industries in India by reducing water, chemical and energy consumption at both suppliers and sub-suppliers facilities resulting in the reduction of negative environmental impacts of production.

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Certification

Our Supply Chain ensures that the amount of hazardous chemicals that are discharged into water waste is in compliance with the ZDHC program, which supports the implementation of best practices to protect the environment.